We are privileged to work in every stage of the coffee process — from farm to cup.


Pergamino Café

We started producing co ee more than 30 years ago in the mountains of Santa Barbara, Antioquia. We now work hand in hand with more than 600 allied farmers across Colombia.

Pergamino exports the majority of our co ees green (unroasted) to over 20 countries around the world. Always working in small lots, with direct traceability back to a co ee’s origin, we select beans of the highest physical and sensorial quality. Unlike most producers in Colombia, we do NOT export all of our nest beans. Committed to keeping amazing co ee in the country, we roast locally in small batches — and serve fresh co ee daily, prepared by expert baristas in our Medellín-based specialty shops.

We feel supremely fortunate to work in the world of specialty co ees. Every day at Pergamino is di erent. One day, we might be visiting farms in remote, breathtaking regions of our country, and the next, tasting hundreds of co ees in search of sensory particularities that di erentiate an extraordinary co ee from the rest. Another day we might be roasting and brewing, studying every factor impacting the nal product. We are constantly optimizing our cra — as intuitive and delicate as it is rigorous — so that we can bring you a truly incredible cup of co ee.

From these experiences are born our Notas de Café — insights and notes on what we’ve learned, and continue to learn, in this never-ending process. Behind every cup is a complex and interesting world we hope to share with you.

Get our Notas de Café booklet along with your fresh coffee.